ये करेगा एलियंस का पर्दाफाश | James Webb space telescope will find Alien Life on the Exoplanets ?

The James Webb Space Telescope is FINALLY ready for launch. It’s taken over two decades, thousands of international scientists, and billions of dollars to get to this point.

Webb has been in the works since the mid-90s, and today is an international collaboration between NASA, the European Space Agency, the Canadian Space Agency, and many other academic and industry partners. When it was first proposed, the telescope had one major goal: peer back 13.5 billion years to see the first galaxies. Light from those far-off galaxies has been stretched through our ever-expanding universe. By the time it reaches Webb’s mirrors, it’s stretched out of our visible light spectrum into the infrared region, so this is why Webb was designed to see infrared light.
The James Webb Space Telescope is ready to be launched! It’s a $10 billion-dollar high-tech wonder that will explore strange new worlds, and search for life in our galaxy and beyond. We might be on the edge of finding the answer to the biggest question in science: Are we alone in the universe?

Now get ready to find out how this ‘First Light Machine’ will change the way we see the universe, and show humanity things it’s never seen before!

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Alien life in the universe
ये करेगा एलियंस का पर्दाफाश | James Webb space telescope will find Alien Life on the Exoplanets ?
James Webb space telescope
will James Webb space telescope detect alien life
outer space
NASA mission
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