【Miku Hatsune】Alien Alien – Eng Sub【Nayutalien】

Everyone’s favourite alien returns….. IN RED

Their youtube channel is currently down, but you can watch the official upload here:

I realised how adorable the pun of referring to them as ‘nayutalien’ instead of ‘nayutan alien’ is and will be using it from now on

—Lyrics, notes—

“Till the end of the other-world” other-world could also be translated as parallel-world, not-world or some kind of “fictional world”
it’s basically ‘world’ with the prefix for ‘other’ or ‘different’ before it

“Created-reality-blind-acceptance-itus” 創造現実盲信症 to my interpretation means “an illness where someone blindly believes made up realities” but in case I’m wrong I’ve left it close to word-for-word

ゆれる街灯 篠突く雨
振れる感情 感覚のテレパス

The shaking streetlights, the pelting rain
My wavering feelings, an emotional telepath
The lost two make contact
And my heart learned of love

タイトロープ ツギハギの制服
眼光 赤色にキラキラ

Tight rope, a patchwork uniform
A severe discommunication
A glint in my eyes, twinkling red
It feels like something’s gonna happen; a premonition

エイリアン わたしエイリアン

ALIEN I’m an alien
Leading astray your heart
With the melding gravity of the universe
The feeling I felt; my throbbing (heart)

エイリアン あなたのエイリアン
異世界の果てまで トキメキ スキ

Alien, I’m your alien
Your heart pulling against mine can’t run away
Ill give you an un-experience
Till the end of the other-world, heart throbbing, love

点灯と消灯を 繰り返している蛍光灯
超常な混沌が 静かにあなたを蝕んだ
並行な信号は 特異点に因り交わった
創造現実盲信症 感応性本能

A fluorescent light repeatedly switching off and on
The paranormal confusion quietly ate into you
The parallel signals intersected due to singular point
Created-reality-blind acceptance-itus, sensitivity instinct
(I’m… not really sure /how/ to translate these lines smoothly
….just know two lines above are very literal)

シンドローム ひとりきり夜な夜な
空想 描くまるでグリモワ
サーチライト 避ける浮遊機

Syndrome, alone night after night
Daydream, depicting it almost like a grimoire
A floating machine, avoiding the searchlight
“Do you still really want to know everything?”

エイリアン わたしエイリアン
瞳に映らない引力に 気づいてよ わたしは――

Alien, I’m an alien
Leading astray your heart
The gravity not reflected in (your) eyes, notice it… I’m an-

エイリアン あなたのエイリアン
ときめく心には 届かない!

Alien, I’m your alien
If you touch it that wound will never disappear
The downpour of meteors too
Can’t reach my throbbing heart!

エイリアン ふたりはエイリアン
異世界の果てまであなたが 好き

Alien, we two are aliens
Can’t hold back that throbbing feeling!
You are an unidentified lifeform
And to the end of the other-world, I love you


Song and illust by nayutalien (ナユタン星人)

Corrections are welcome!
Disclaimer : All rights and credit for the original video belong to the original artist(s). This video and translation were created for nonprofit, entertainment purposes only, intended as a derivative work to expand on and widen the audience of the original. Please give your support to the original artist(s) and check the original uploads above!


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