【My Girlfriend is an Alien S2】EP22 Clip | Fang Leng expressed his sincere love | 外星女生柴小七2 | ENG SUB

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【Synopsis】Chai Xiaoqi’s love with Fang Leng is about to be completed, but it has twists and turns. It is reported that in the second season, Chai Xiaoqi’s Cape Town Star “original” Jiang Xi was ordered by his mother star to forcibly take Chai Xiaoqi away on the day of their wedding and brainwash him. Can our couple break through the obstacles and find ultimate happiness?
【Starring】Thassapak Hsu, Wan Peng, Zhang Meng, Zhang Zhaohui, Wang Youjun, Chen Yixin, Julio Wan, Ashin Shu

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