15 Shocking Ancient Secrets | Smithsonian Channel

From a 2,400-year-old corpse in remarkable condition to how shrunken heads are made, these 15 ancient secrets will have you completely riveted.

0:00 Intro to ’15 Shocking Ancient Secrets’
0:25 The Vesuvius eruption may have been a gradual process
3:29 It took a storm to lift the cover on this ancient Roman city
7:14 The people of Pompeii often resorted to vigilante justice
10:49 How the wealthy of Pompeii protected their valuables
13:40 Was this pre-viking gathering a prelude to a massacre?
17:01 The valuable commodity behind King Solomon’s wealth
20:31 This valuable viking grave is missing something important
24:33 Is this where humanity decided to settle down?
27:53 This mysterious stone structure is older than Stonehenge
32:07 This 2,400 year old corpse is in remarkable condition
34:57 Here’s exactly how shrunken heads are made
38:50 DNA analysis reveals troubling news about shrunken heads
41:20 This mass grave discovery could alter Roman history
44:25 Gladiator teeth reveal signs of infant malnourishment
47:27 Evidence suggests Stonehenge was an elite cemetary

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