3 Possibilities Why We Haven`t Seen Aliens

But beside this beauty there can be something scary also out there or maybe not. Arthur Clarke said, “We are either alone in this universe or we are not, and both these thoughts are equally scary.” Can it be that we are alone in this Universe? Or if we aren’t, where are all the aliens?
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This system of seven rocky worlds–all of them with the potential for water on their surface–is an exciting discovery in the search for life on other worlds. There is the possibility that future study of this unique planetary system could reveal conditions suitable for life. But why haven’t we seen any aliens yet? Will we be able to make contact with them? Or are we just alone in this universe?
Our planet is about 4.54 Billion years old and many civilizations could have existed before us. Bad on the Kardashev scale, civilisations are of three types. A type one civilisation is the one that has used all the resources of its planet. We are currently 0.75 on this scale. A type two civilisation is the one that has used all the energy of its host star, like the concept of Dyson Sphere. A type three civilization is the one that has colonized and used all the natural resources of its galaxy and will be God-like to us.
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