5 things everyone MUST know about the laws in Outer Space | The five treaties

We are happy that you found your way to the first episode of Space Suits 😀

Some of you may ask themselves from time to time: are there rules in Outer Space? The answer is yes and the five most important rulings will be presented in this video.

Let us know what you think about the current space legislation in the comment section, we are thrilled to discuss it with you 🙂
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00:00 – 00:39: Intro
00:39 – 1:25: Historical background
1:25 – 4:27: Why does space law even exists?
4:27 – 5:46: The five treaties
5:46 – 6:31: Conclusion & Outro

Source 1:
Source 2:
Source 3:


The 5 treaties:

Outer Space Treaty:

Rescue and Return Agreement:

Liability Convention:

Registration Convention:

Moon Agreement:


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