Alien Casino – #6 Space Agents – Diggy's Adventure

Complete walkthrough video of Alien Casino showing puzzles solutions, treasure parts, and hidden bonuses.
The alien had managed to outwit us and escaped. So now we are at the alien casino to interview a few people who may know about it’s whereabouts. First we need to get a key, and then enter a password to enter the casino, there we find the people and do tasks for them, finally one of them tells us where the alien may be and suggest us to get a weapon before going there.

Guide & Timestamps:
0:00 – Get the keys from former partner.
1:34 – Go through the booth.
2:28 – Enter password.
4:24 – Find the 3 people to interview.
7:04 – Put together parts of the song.
9:33 – Get lala’s access card & continue.
11:50 – Roll egghead and get his access card.
13:24 – Find lasagnesi in VIP lounge.
14:49 – Defeat lasagnesi in chess.
15:33 – Get the weapon needed to defeat alien.
17:23 – Treasure Part.
19:38 – Remaining tiles.

Quest details:
Alien Neighbours
1. Gather Information (3)
2. Get The Weapon
3. Talk To Agent W

Energy cost for complete clearing:
Egypt: 8,693
Scandinavia: 56,256
China: 153,565
Atlantis: 316,570
Greece: 566,655
New World: 827,540
Terra: 1,017,635

Mine contains 782 tiles and 8 agent sunglasses.

Space Agents video links:
1. Secret Agency Building –
2. Agency Testing Premises –
3. Agency Offices –
4. Prison on the Moon –
5. City In Chaos –
6. Alien Casino –

Space Agents playlist:

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