Alien Contact & UFO Encounters | Are They From Another Dimension?! Richard Dolan & William Henry

The Observers 🔵 Watch The Full Documentary 👉 on Amazon U.S 🔵 Click Here for Amazon U.K 👉 – in this video Richard Dolan and William Henry present information on Alien contact, Alien & UFO encounters, The Anunnaki, time travel and spirituality.
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This is a compilation of exclusive extra bonus scenes created while filming the documentary film The Observers. The Observers is a mind altering, timely and comprehensive film that plumbs the depths of the UFO phenomenon and asks the hard questions at the heart of this global enigma.

From controversial and visionary director Roger R. Richards, “The Observers” is an in-depth exploration, into the at times horrifying, yet equally fascinating abyss of modern day UFOlogy. The full documentary Features Luis Elizondo, Linda Moulton Howe, Richard Dolan, William Henry, Whitley Strieber, Jesse Ventura, John Greenwald, Jr., Jimmy Church and more!


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