Aliens, Time Travel & Parallel Universe ft. Abhijit Chavda | The Ranveer Show 112

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Abhijit Chawda is a Theoretical Physicist, Technologist, History & Geopolitics researcher, and writer. This is part 2 of our mind-bending podcast. Part 1 was an introduction to what goes around our universe. A deeper and more mind-blown knowledge, packed into this episode.

From Aliens to time travel to multi & parallel universe, Abhijit Chawda has answered all these questions and shared more unknown secrets of our universe and our solar system that you never knew.

For every space nerd and science geek, don’t miss out on this one as we unravel some of the most interesting topics in the simplest way possible.

#alien #timetravel

0:00- Introduction
1:06- Ranveer on the movie, Arrival
3:16- Abhijit on Aliens
6:33- Are Aliens a part of the unexplored solar system?
8:32- Ranveer on mind-stimulating video games
12:03- Mind-bending science fiction movies
13:40- Abhijit on time travel, multi-dimension & more
18:57- What if humans pass through a black hole?
22:01- Abhijit’s knowledge portal
23:40- Twitter-verse
23:48- Sound of the cosmos
25:53- What does space smell like?
26:25- Will time travel create multiple timelines?
29:45- Do our thoughts create multiple universes?
30:53- Positivity attracts positivity
34:40- Picking up people’s energies
37:10- Ranveer on great intuition vs weak intuition
38:23- Abhijit on pattern recognition
39:58- Other versions of humans in parallel universes
46:57- Theories on why a black hole doesn’t exist
50:11- Did ancient Indian space-time made any sense?
54:39- Parting off note for viewers

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