Are We Alone in The Galaxy? Brian Cox on Alien Life

Are We Alone in The Galaxy? Brian Cox on Alien Life
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It is one of the most intriguing questions in all of science…Are we alone?
There are about 300 million planets in our galaxy alone that might support life as we know it. By the sheer number of these planets it can be argued that we are most likely not unique in the galaxy. Brian Cox thinks that there must be intelligent civilizations out there, although they might be extremely rare when we consider the rise of intelligent life here on Earth.

Imagine intelligent civilizations are prevalent throughout the lifespan of the galaxy. There had to be a first civilization. Asking: Are we alone? Only in their case the answer would be, yes. But maybe, that civilization is us.

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“MIPIM 2013: Day one pic round up – Professor Brian Cox” by EG Focus is licensed under CC BY 2.0


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