ASMR You're an Alien Gastropod | Team of Scientists 16 Part Unpredictable Examination 🐌🧪👾

Phew! This one took forever to make and edit, but I’m rather proud of it!! 16 different parts and many many different triggers 🙂 You are an unidentified lifeform that seems to resemble some sort of gastropod?

0:00 Scientists Introductions
2:00 Mini exam with unpredictable sounds
4:25 Unpredictable layered sounds with plucking
6:12 Checking your ear holes tico tico
8:10 Unpredictable sounds on face/pat pat pat
11:53 Smile for the camera!
13:05 Jade roller on face go squish squish
15:50 Drawing you 💖 / drawing on your face
18:05 Foam sponge stick/ soapy
22:08 Alien eggs? Defense mechanism?/ Glove sounds
25:10 Tasting you (MISOPHONIA WARNING)
28:59 Wait is there slime in your earholes??
31:38 Face mask yayy sleepover! (kinda?)
33:56 very soapy ears and sponge sounds
35:56 soap ears/ wooden sounds in your face/ poking your slime
39:10 soap ears/ forks scratch scratch
42:10 soap ears/ Observing you intently
44:31 soap ears/ Measuring
46:10 scrubber thing to wash you off sudzy sounds
52:43 Goodnight my dear alien snot

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