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We often hear the question of why astrological calculations work or whether there is a logical reason for the results. In fact in today’s age of science people want to understand all things like mathematics; Causation seeks to establish one’s beliefs on the basis of relationships. Otherwise, his mind is not full. Whatever he was told about the future, whatever the outcome, the question remains in his mind; Why? What is the relationship of planets and stars with me? Etc.

Who wants to understand astrology like mathematics, if he is told that Astronomers are talking about the ebb and flow of the river by calculating, talking about storms and clouds, lunar eclipses, solar eclipses, they are going to match exactly. In your life, the tides will play in the communication of planets and stars, the new moon will come, the full moon will come, the eclipse will come, what is there to be surprised about? He will not accept it. He would say that all the business of astronomers is about the inanimate world, but man is not an inanimate object. It is true that it has some responsibility relationship with inert nature, some constraints. But man is different from inanimate nature, can it be denied? Even so, why would the past and future of human life be true according to planetary calculations? My question is, can everything be explained with logic? Or if it cannot be explained with logic, does that matter become false? Scientists have not been able to find out what technology the Egyptian pyramids were built on. So can it be said that there is no technical science behind the construction of the pyramid?

Acknowledgement: Late Harihar Majumdar.

Scientific Horoscope Matching Part – 1 :
Scientific Horoscope Matching Part – 2:

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