BIZARRE Disappearing Portal in Ancient Alien Ghost Canyon?! | Full Documentary Episodes (S1, E4)

Thermal imaging reveals mysterious temperature readings associated with ancient petroglyph ghost canyon. Full Documentary Season 1, Episode 4

Mount Wilson Ranch FULL DOCUMENTARY – Ancient Alien Contact and Paranormal Skinwalker Investigation

Exploring the Creepy Canyon For Clues

Major UFO Findings Reported to US Officials | The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch (S1, E8) | Full Episode

Randall Carlson & Graham Hancock on Lost Technology and the Great Pyramids

Join the Crusher Crew and explore the mysteries of the unknown with Carl Crusher! We travel throughout the desert southwest of America and other regions globally, collaborating with teams from Skinwalker Ranch and beyond. In these strange and fascinating places, we investigate high reports of UFO sightings, supernatural events, portals, sightings of unusual creatures, accounts of time travel, ancient alien artifacts, ghost stories, and other paranormal activity. Many of these locations have a forbidden history and legends of lost gold, abandoned mines, giants, aliens, little people, Bigfoot, and more!


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Reconstruire l'arbre du vivant

Reconstruire l'arbre du vivant

Le dernier ancêtre commun des organismes

Le dernier ancêtre commun des organismes