Boruto's NEW DOJUTSU Are So Strong, He Becomes An Alien 'GOD' – All Dojutsu & Powers Explained!

Boruto Manga Biggest Secret known as Boruto’s Pure Eye A.K.A. The Jougan has been a mystery for over 5 years. The Jougan it’s the combination of all of the Doujutsus, The Sharingan, Byakugan the Rinnegan, etc… The First and Original Doujutsu which The Otsutsuki God Possesses! The pure eye was created by the supreme being, the Otsutsuki God but now Boruto Uzumaki has unlocked the Jougan being the only Human to have ever displayed it. This was due to the mixture of chakra he was born with from his father Naruto Uzumaki and Hinata Hyuga. We go over every new Doujutsu in Boruto like the Senrigan, Jougan and Isshiki Otsutsuki’s Doujutsu, explaining all their attacks shown in the manga and anime, explaining their designs and future uses all of them could have in the series!

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0:00 – What Are The Most Overpowered Doujutsu in Boruto?
2:16 – What is Boruto Jougan and How Does it Work?
9:47 – Why is the Jougan So Powerful?
14:00 – What is The Senringan and How Does it Work?
18:11 – What is Isshikis/Kawakis
Doujutsu and How Does it Work? (Dharmagan Explained)
22:08 – Kawakis Future Doujutsu Powers


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