CRAZY UFOs! Something Very Strange Is Happening Over Our Planet! 2021

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Special thanks to hidden underbelly 


So I’m not a conspiracy terrorist by any means, but this was weird. I’ve never seen anything like it before, three objects flying in formation moving super fast and high, looked like it was entering the atmosphere.

Matt Hammersley Hammer speak easy I would like to share these two videos with you. I filmed this in the Canaries, it was a very odd cloud formation. But part two shows something odd above the cloud!

Special Thanks to Hidden Underbelly & John Meza

The Mile High Guy What Was In The Sky In Aurora, CO? UFO?

Stepped outside for a brief moment, looked up and saw this. I have no idea what it was and very weird it wasn’t making any sound. Whatever it was they were all flying in perfect sync. Could it have been some high altitude military planes??? Was it a UFO??? It was definitely unidentified at this point. I’ll let you decide for yourself.

TJ Delisi Cigar Shaped UFO over Chicago Via Facebook


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