Extraterrestrial Hwy and Area 51

You’ve probably heard about the Extraterrestrial Hwy or Nevada’s state route 375 because it’s the closest road to the mysterious Area 51. This video tour will take you along the entire route of Hwy 375 and take a stab at explaining what Area 51 is all about.

A lot of people, mainly conspiracy theorists and mystery seekers, talk about the things that go on around this road but none of them show what the area looks like or explain the facts about some of the places near it. We’re going to fix that with this video tour. There’s also rarely a mention of how scenic and beautiful this highway really is, which you’ll see.

You’ll find this video not just educational, but also entertaining. Throughout the video, look for “Easter eggs” of secret aircraft and UFOs. Enjoy!


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Glowing orb over Louisville, Kentucky.