FBI UFO Investigation! DEBUNKERS Desperate To Change History? Pilots Report UFO! 2022

Thirdphaseofmoon presents the incident of AA In regards to the Feb 21, 2021 encounter! DEBUNKERS Desperate To Change History? Mick West want’s to simply dismiss this as a Learjet, most likely the FBI wouldn’t investigate a mundane airplane. Thirdphaseofmoon brings forward Documents that prove Southwest was given warning of an experiment to happen the day of the American Airlines close encounter with a UFO!

The timing with this report and the United Airlines Flight from Colorado to Hawaii is quite a coincidence. Something strange is going on. TPOM was the first to break the news about this incident. Thanks Jim Goodall, ham operator and the TPOM team! The media will take the credit, but TPOM is ready to take care of business 24/7.


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