Fleet of UFOs over East Windsor, New Jersey. 6/10/2021.

Witness description:
“Out for a drive in my convertible, noticed 3-5 orange lights in the sky to my right while going west on Disbrow Hill Road. First saw in the clearing at the farm, then I pulled over at the clearing with the soccer field.
It was 9pm June 10th. Still some light in the sky, enough to easily see the foreground, tree line, and the clouds in the sky (broken so you could see the sunset through them in some parts, beautiful night 65-70 degrees).
I was looking north, objects were moving west and in a horizontal and upward general direction. They were visible until they went into the clouds. They just kept coming into view from behind the tree line (visible in the video). I watched for 2-3 min before I started filming. Total objects observed was between 30-50.
Objects were brighter than stars, with a clear orange light that pulsated. Objects seemed to be moving in slightly different directions and speeds relative to each other, while moving in the same general direction (west and up into the clouds). No sound at all from their direction.
After around 8-10 min they seemed to stop coming. I got in my car and drove off, but then saw another same type of orange light when I was going North on Milford Road. I pulled into the parking lot at the warehouse. There I saw the orange light above me and there were two small planes in the vicinity. One seemed to take notice of the orange light, a small single engine plane, that turned when it passed by the light in the sky. Then the object went up into the clouds.
Closest distance would’ve been that last part, which I’d estimate at 500-1500 ft from me, based on the planes. The planes did not get extremely close to it, so I have no idea exactly how big the orange lights were.”

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Filmed in East Windsor, New Jersey. 6/10/2021. 9:01 pm.
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