Incredible UFOs were filmed during daytime in Tomball, Texas. 5/29/2021.

Witness description:
“I’m sitting in my backyard watching the sunset. To my right I see a drone like object flying slowly 15 feet from the ground passing over our back door neeighbors yard behind our tree. It flies to over my next door neighbor’s backyard, then seems to notice me. So it backs up and flies over our yard and faces me directly. About 15 feet up and 15 feet away from me. It looked like 4 flash light bulbs that stayed on with a black structure holding it all together. I saw it clearly and sharply. It was focusing in on me like a camera lens moves in and out. I thought it was a drone. Until it evaporated in front of my eyes. It was as if someone turned it off and the image falls and evaporated. Leaving a very tiny hint of a light grey trail that immediately disappeared. I knocked on the door to get my husband.10 seconds later, another one flies in from the left between my house and our next door neighbor’s house. It looks like a bright light bulb moving slowly and it had a hint of yellow trail and it evaporated about 10 from the ground. Then my husband came outside. I told him and he started filming. We saw several bright light drones like objects coming and going from various directions while all moving in the same direction. As if to survey the land. My husband saw this. I came out. The first thing I saw was a bright light. It appeared out of nowhere and moved right towards out tree low and disappeared. Then a light appeared to the left of the tree out of nowhere. It went straight up, then curved to the left and went back down and disappeared. Towards the top of the sky where the clouds are a light appeared on the right side and went left did a u turn and turned back around and entered the cloud and disappeared. A review of the video noticed that when we saw the light, that did the U-turn at the top of the sky before that you can see a black object at a high rate of speed before it changed from an object to a bright light and disappeared into the cloud.”

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Filmed in Tomball, Texas. 5/29/2021.
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