James Webb Telescope Discovered TERRIFYING Alien Civilization On Proxima B

James Webb Telescope Discovered TERRIFYING Alien Civilization On Proxima B

JWST is primarily an infrared telescope; it has a broader spectrum view than Hubble and functions further out from the Earth, in a solar orbit, rather than an Earth orbit. Webb was developed to serve as a successor to the Hubble Space Telescope, which has helped astronomers immensely for over thirty years. Webb is 100 times more sophisticated than Hubble and is designed to function for only five years, but NASA hopes it will be in operation beyond that. Proxima b, a neighboring planet 1.27 times the size of the Earth, is perceived to harbor aliens. Astronomers have predicted that NASA’s recently launched James Webb Space Telescope will find evidence of artificial light on the nearby exoplanet Proxima b. It doesn’t stop at that; they also predicted that an alien civilization exists on this same exoplanet.


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