Josh Gates | Ayahuasca, Paranormal Activity, Aliens, Ancient Civilizations | Ep. 157

Josh Gates | Ayahuasca, Paranormal Activity, Aliens, Ancient Civilizations | Ep. 157
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Welcome back to the Pretty Intense Podcast. Today on the show is the fantastic Josh Gates. He is the presenter of the hugely popular show called “Expedition Unknown” on the Discovery Channel.He has a new show called “Josh Gates Tonight” that I was a guest on. In fact that is where we first met. I loved his show, because I love traveling, and I love ancient civilizations, and I just love learning. He shared so much interesting information about the places he has visited in the world. Would you believe that Josh’s majors in school were drama and archaeology. Guess he found the perfect job. Here he is in a job that has him discovering all these amazing things like, mummies, artifacts, tablets, ancient sites. We talked about Egypt, The Pyramids, Mayan cultures,
Et’s and their interaction with us. We also talked about the Paranormal. This is a really fun conversation with lots of great stories. We are sure after watching this interview you will want to check out “Expedition Unknown”, “Josh Gates Tonight”, and get ready for his new program “Tales From The Explorer’s Club” coming out 8/31 on the Discovery Channel. Enjoy today’s show.


00:00 – Intro
04:00 – Summer With Family
08:00 – Expedition Unknown
11:00 – I’m A Spielberg Kid
15:00 – Josh Is A Leo
19:00 – The Ark of the Covenant
23:00 – Was There A Moses?
26:00 – Ancient Civilizations
29:00 – Could Our Civilization Be Wiped Out?
33:00 – Greed The Cause Of Demise
42:00 – Are Aliens Real?
47:00 – Who Made The Pyramids
52:00 – Scariest Experiences
57:30 – Paranormal Activity
1:02:00 – Ayahuasca Experience
1:15:00 – The Gift That We Are Here Now
1:20:00 – What The Future Holds


Explorer, television personality, and author Josh Gates is the host and executive producer of Discovery Channel’s Expedition Unknown. Each week, the series chronicles thrilling archaeological discoveries, historic mysteries, and scientific breakthroughs around the world. Armed with a degree in archaeology and a hunger for adventure, Gates has taken viewers to more than a hundred countries on all seven continents. Josh brings passion and humor to his work, inviting viewers to be a part of the mission and hopefully inspiring their own interest in field sciences. He recently broadcast a live expedition from Egypt where he excavated a sarcophagus in real-time. Josh helped discover a Maya temple complex in the jungles of Guatemala, and has interviewed the crew of the International Space Station in orbit as part of Discovery’s Space Launch: Live. An avid scuba diver and photographer, Josh has participated in underwater archaeological excavations in the Mediterranean. Josh is also the host of the new, hit talk-show Josh Gates Tonight, in which he sits down with high-profile guests in a format that’s part Raiders of the Lost Ark and part celebrity chat-show. Last season, Josh interviewed Ed Viesturs, Matthew McConaughey, Kevin Bacon, Shaquille O’Neal, Sir Ranulph Fiennes, Steven Soderbergh, and many more. Josh serves as a trustee on the governing board of the Archaeological Institute of America, and is a fellow of The Explorers Club. More of Josh’s travels are chronicled in his bestselling book, Destination Truth. He currently resides in Los Angeles and on airport floors around the world.


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