Knives tough enough for outer space.

How do you build a better kitchen knife? Start with the edge. Liquidiamond kitchen knives combine an amorphous metal alloy edge with a high quality stainless-steel knife body. The result is a strong, ultra-sharp knife that’s guaranteed to last a lifetime.

Amorphous metal alloy is an extremely durable material that can handle high temperatures—which is why NASA uses it on its space crafts. Besides handling the perils of outer space, this material makes a knife edge that is tougher and less likely to chip than the typical ones. And if your blade does get dull with use over time, Liquidiamond happily provides on-the-house sharpening.

The next-level knives are completed with a sturdy handle made from military-grade fiberglass-impregnated epoxy resin. With all this tough (and sharp) durability, it’s no wonder the knives are guaranteed to last.


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