Large UFO was filmed crossing the Moon + One of my videos of the Moon.

Source Link: Anthony’s Adventures

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Witness Description:
“I recorded this video on 7/14/2013 at 8:58PM 15 miles east of Los Angeles on one of my old HTC phones. I was observing the moon through my 10 inch Celestron Starhopper dobsonian with a 15mm eyepiece. I saw a few things fly by the moon that night, which seemed odd as I’ve rarely ever seen anything like that before, so I took out my camera and waited and waited until I saw something else.
Stupid me wasn’t using the record feature, and I was instead using the HTC One’s Zoe feature which records 3 second clips. So that’s all this was. One three second clip. It looks like a satellite to me, but it’s gigantic when you think about the 15mm eyepiece I was using and when you compare it to the size of the ISS when it passes in front of the moon. If you look closely at it running full speed you’ll notice what looks like heat trails behind it. Anyway, with all of the UFO talk lately I thought it would be fun to post. Enjoy!”

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