May 25, 2022 – What was 1949 Project Aquarius's mission with 'Alien creatures'?

Topics: What was 1949 Project Aquarius’s mission with ‘Alien creatures’?

Nature article: “New Targets in Search for Extraterrestrial Life: Planets of Binary Stars As Homes for Alien Life”
– “Nearly half of Sun-like stars are binary. According to new research, planetary systems around binary stars may be very different from those around single stars. This points to new targets in the search for extraterrestrial life forms.”

Binary stars mentioned by Betty and Barney Hill

TOP SECRET – Project Aquarius documents
– project initiated by Eisenhower & MJ-12
– pilot flying over the Cascade Mountains spots 9 UFOs
– “extraterrestrial craft crashed in the desert of New Mexico…4 non-humans recovered”
– “another crash in 1949..partially recovered by military”
– “alien from planet in Zeta Reticuli system”
– “project code named Grudge, Sign & Blue Book”
– “mysterious craft at Hill AFB in Utah..inside were what looked like hockey pucks levitating.”
– ”aircraft was a technological marvel”
– “MJ-12 decided Air Force should end their investigation”
– “we must continue to track and observer the aliens”
– sub-projects under project Aquarius: Bando, Sigma, Snowbird,

Making Contact: New Realities of Disclosure & Cosmic Awakening
5 Part Series on Disclosure & The ET Contact Movement


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