Nick Pope talks UFO sightings, military recordings, contacting alien life and conspiracy theories

Jay Cutler gets a chance to pick the brain of alien expert Nick Pope, who was the leader of the UK’s UFO investigative division. Nick and Jay discuss how most UFO sightings can be explained, but Nick also goes in depth about his concerns that pilots have been recording and tracking these objects now, which lends more credibility to believing in alien life. Nick also asserts that all crop circles are man-made, despite people’s belief that they are from aliens, and the debate raging in the scientific world about the potential dangers of trying to contact alien life. Plus Jay wants to know what’s really happening at Area 51, and Nick tries to set the record straight about flight testing at that facility. And of course Jay asks the biggest conspiracy question of all… did the US really land on the moon? That leads into a wild discussion about some of the more popular conspiracy theories that Nick has studied.


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