Real UFO Sightings 2022 || Strange phenomena in the sky || Aliens || Are Aliens and UFOs Real?

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This video does not claim to be true in the very first instance. The author only provides materials for reflection based on materials from printed sources, archival documents and his knowledge/conclusions.

Remember how earlier talk about the existence of #UFOs was turned into some kind of fiction by the authorities, and eyewitnesses were ridiculed? So, these times have passed and now they themselves began to talk about such phenomena …

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💰 💰 💰 Financial support for the author of the “Shot in the Sky” project 💰 💰 💰
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Hear what this INCREDIBLE (Legend of the Dragon) says How to wake up! Disconnecting from the Matrices…
You haven’t seen this yet. People see it all over the world. What is happening in our sky. #UFO. #UFO or not.
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-Scott Buckley…
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Tic Tac UFO over Almaty, Kazakhstan.

Tic Tac UFO over Almaty, Kazakhstan.

Are they aliens?

Are they aliens?