Revealed – Bruce Swartz Researcher being Hidden for Exposing Secret Moon Operations Alien or Human

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ufo sightings on the moon…real..UAP’s..unidentified aerial phenomena…or ufo craft lifting off of the moon. A very revealing secret about our supposed natural satellite…There is nothing natural about the moon at all..Footage that shows truth on the moon, by Bruce Swartz…a researching Ufologist from Montreal Quebec,
I worked hard to show just a little sample of all the lights I confirm having filmed on the moon. Could there be a war in space and could the moon be a reunion point…For Extraterrestrials to interact or exchange ideas? Hopefully good ideas? This research is real. I have a 14 inch telescope many dollars invested in this research. If you appreciate the findings and understand the seriousness of it all.. Please encourage this research channel. You can start by SUBSCRIBING if you believe in this channel. The Governments will not be disclosing…the people will.

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