Seriously Insane Stunts That People Sadly Didn't Survive

Some people never stop chasing the adrenaline rush that only comes from performing the wildest and most dangerous stunts, and unfortunately, the risk is sometimes far greater than the reward. Here’s a look at daredevils who tragically lost their lives doing insane stunts.

Most of us don’t need to build a rocket in order to know that the Earth isn’t flat. Still, there are some people who are convinced that it’s all a big conspiracy that literally every scientist in the world is in on.

It seemed Mike Hughes was one of that handful of people who was convinced that the Earth is flat, but he wanted the rest of the world to be convinced, too. So he built a rocket, which he launched from the California desert. That’s one way to find out whether or not the Earth is flat. Those remote cameras should tell you everything you need to know. Except…he didn’t just send up cameras, he wanted to see the flat Earth with his own eyes. Unfortunately, his rocket crashed shortly after launch, and he was killed before he could reach the hoped-for altitude of 5,000 feet.

Hughes’ publicist, Darren Shuster, told the New York Times after Hughes’ death that Hughes didn’t actually believe the Earth was flat. He said,

“He was eccentric and believed in some government conspiracies, for sure, but it was a P.R. stunt.”

Either way, it’s not quite clear.

Regardless, Hughes wasn’t an amateur daredevil. According to the BBC, he’d successfully completed a lower-altitude launch the year before his fatal attempt, and he set a Guinness World Record in 2002 for the longest limousine jump. So his fatal accident wasn’t necessarily because he was an inexperienced daredevil, and there was definitely an element of very, very bad luck.

Watch the video for more Seriously Insane Stunts That People Sadly Didn’t Survive.

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Mike Hughes’ Rocket | 0:00
Jessi Combs broke records | 1:44
Caleb Moore’s X Games stunt | 2:39
Uli Emanuele’s base jump | 3:48
Angela Madsen’s fatal row | 4:46

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