The Alien Base 1km Under Northern England

Why is Northern England the perfect place for Mars research? Sign up for Nebula and CuriosityStream to watch my companion video about Dark Matter…

I was invited by STFC to visit the lab 1km under the surface of Northern England to learn about the amazing research done there on exobiology, specifically how the salt caverns of Boulby are a perfect analogue for Mars. The lab is, by its location and extreme environment, basically an alien base – I certainly felt like an astronaut while visiting!

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Edited by Luke Negus

I visited the Boulby Mine and associated STFC lab to talk to the scientists about their research into exobiology, life on Mars, and dark matter. In this vlog I show you how you get 1km below the surface of Northern England to reach the deep lab, and interview scientists about why Boulby is the perfect analogue to an alien planet and specifically Mars.

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