The BIGGEST SCAM Car Enthusiasts Fall For…

Y’all really letting dealers play you with 29.99% APR, huh? So many TikTok Clout Culture bois flexing their Auto Loans too dumb to realize THEY PAID TWICE THE LISTED PRICE. It doesn’t matter how hard you negotiate down payment, monthly payment, or List Price, if you fall for the tried and true APR.

APR ain’t your normal percentage, it’s a monster in the making. In small amounts, it’s like spice on your potatoes, but in larger numbers, it’s an effing Alien Civilization straight up Merc’ing Humans left and right. I’m talking bout All Tomorrows level of tomfoolery. APR Is the MF Qu waiting to turn you into some monstrosity. That’s what I mean when I say Clout is one helluva drug. Y’all out here thinking you’re smoking tha goo shiiiiiii when in actually you’re inhaling mf low quality lung rupturing low grade garbage. Why act all Hard just cause you got a Hellcat? Oh I can’t tell you what to do with your money? MF watch the video and go back to Grade School if you still don’t understand the words I just presented and threw down, yet you still not relented?

With 29% APR, The bank takes more from you, than the Principal do. That means the car ain’t yours, the money ain’t yours, the only thing that is yours, is this MF Clown Paint, so put it on fool. Go on and act hard, act like your ego means it all, but if you don’t listen, and still insist on dissin, then MF enjoy the fall. I ain’t even gonna lay a bed out for you…so you can hit the ground hard.

But for those who do realize, take your life back. Why pay a car twice that you only expected to pay once? You went in and asked for ONE Car didn’t you? So why the hell you paying for TWO? A. P. R. Mothertrucker that’s why. It’s got you pinned against the wall, smacking that booty and giving ya a scar. MF patch yo self up and fight back, otherwise you full blown the Bank’s hoe, so open up and cough em more dough.


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