The First Civilization to Emerge in the Galaxy

The Galaxy is approximately 13 billion years old, which makes one wonder – just how many civilizations could have come and gone across that ocean of time? Today, we try something a little bit different for this channel, and imagine when and how the first civilization could have lived. The story is a fiction, but it provides a narrative around which we can more viscerally experience the conditions of the early cosmos, and the fragility of life itself.

Written & presented by Prof David Kipping

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► Brad Hill – The Mysterious (4:43) []
► Falls – Life in Binary (7:34)
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► Brad Hill – Bruised Hope (18:07) []
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00:00 Teaser
02:02 Birth
04:27 Home
09:47 Society
15:09 Collapse
18:37 Hope
21:44 Legacy
23:14 Conclusion
24:23 Outro

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