The Future Of: Extraterrestrial Intelligence [FULL PODCAST EPISODE]

Two world-leading astronomers discuss their search for life beyond our Solar System.

In the last 60 years, humankind has made great strides in our search for extraterrestrial intelligence (SETI). But will we ever be successful?
In this episode, Tom is joined by Professor Steven Tingay and Dr Chenoa Tremblay – who recently scanned 10.35 million known stars in the deepest and broadest search ever for extraterrestrial technologies – to discuss what progress has been made.
 Recent SETI survey is just a drop in the ocean [02:44]
 Signals might not necessarily be thousands of years old [06:54]
 How do you know where to look? [10:02]
 Square Kilometre Array will improve search capabilities [11:48]
 What would happen if you found a signal? [15.53]
 Thoughts on announcement of possible life on Venus [21:25]
 Proving signals are of alien origin could take decades [27:23]

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This episode was released on 12 October 2020


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