The Level1 Show August 5 2022: Digital Digit Discipline

0:00 – Intro
2:16 – Chess robot grabs and breaks finger of seven-year-old opponent
3:33 – In Experiment, AI Successfully Impersonates Famous Philosopher
5:11 – Google fires AI engineer Blake Lemoine, who claimed its LaMDA 2 AI is sentient
7:01 – Amazon extends Alexa to enable ambient intelligence
8:59 – Russia leaving the International Space Station in 2024 and will focus on building its own
9:27 – Rocket debris from China space station mission to crash land
10:20 – Pentagon establishes office to track UFOs in space
11:01 – SpaceX breaks record as it sends 46 Starlinks into space Friday
12:15 – NASA Is Planning to Find Aliens Using Spacetime Warped Around the Sun
12:59 – Is the New and Improved Autoblow AI+ the Best Beej Machine a Man Can Get?
15:53 – NASA scientist explains why astronauts should not masturbate in zero gravity
18:02 – Scientists invent ‘Necrobot’ – a dead spider that can grip
20:01 – Two of the Largest Freshwater Fish in the World Declared Extinct
21:09 – Codebreakers Find ‘Sexts,’ Arctic Dispatches in 200-Year-Old Encrypted Newspaper Ads
23:21 – Damien Hirst to burn thousands of his paintings to show art as ‘currency’
24:39 – Polish institute classifies cats as alien invasive species
25:58 – HSBC becomes first foreign bank to launch Chinese Communist Party committee
26:52 – ‘Lord of the Rings’ series trailer debuts at Comic-Con
27:51 – William Shatner Goes Off On New ‘Star Trek’ Shows
28:55 – Shark Bay dolphins forming the equivalent of boy bands to attract a mate, scientists say
30:30 – San Francisco man gets ticket for parking in red zone after curb was repainted while his car was parked
32:00 – Lawmaker wants ‘ghosting’ declared an emotional offense
33:16 – Tehran Cemeteries Cover Graves That Have Pictures Of Women Without Hijabs
34:14 – NYPD touts seizure of toy gun deemed ‘air rifle’ on West Shore


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