The Stunning Transformation Of Donald Trump Jr.'s Ex-Wife

Vanessa Trump, the ex-wife of Donald Trump Jr. and the mother of his five children, has largely flown under the radar compared to other members of the Trump family. Here are some things you may not know about former model Vanessa Trump.

Marrying into the Trump family was not Vanessa’s introduction to the lifestyle of the well-to-do. She might not have grown up in the White House, but she still had a pretty pampered upbringing. Born Vanessa Haydon, she grew up in luxury on Manhattan’s Upper East Side where she and her family lived in a townhouse. The young Vanessa attended the pricey Dwight School across town which reportedly costs nearly $49,000 per year. Vanessa’s mother ran a modeling agency while her father was a celebrity attorney whose famous clients included iconic figures like actress Marilyn Monroe, according to Business Insider.

Vanessa and her sister, Veronika, had a nanny to take care of them while their high-profile parents went to work. Vanessa told The New York Times that, as a child, she would regularly attend “crazy parties” with her nanny where she rubbed shoulders with models. Keep watching to see The Stunning Transformation Of Donald Trump Jr.’s Ex-Wife!

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Former model | 1:58
Matchmaker dad | 2:45
Publicity stunt proposal | 3:34
Mar-a-Lago wedding | 4:25
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Becoming a target | 7:48
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Tight with Trumps | 9:20
Vanessa the heiress | 10:11

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