Top 10 Signs of Alien Life Found in Egypt

Top 10 Signs of Alien Life Found in Egypt
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Egypt is known for its mysterious pyramids and tombs like Tutankhamon’s tomb. Were pharaohs in ancient Egypt aliens?
Human beings since the dawn of time have asked the question, Are we alone? Are we alone in the universe?
Much to our amazement, every day there seems to be more and more evidence leading to the possibility of other intelligent life forms out there in the universe. Let’s find out more in our Top 10 Signs of Alien Life Found in Egypt.

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Time Codes:
0:00- Intro
00:50 Pyramids Mystery
01:42 The Mysterious tombs
02:48 Abydos Hieroglyphics
03:38 The sphynx
04:30 Hieroglyphics on MARS?
05:27 Sun God Aten
06:24 Caped Alien Pictograph
07:13 Akhenaten’s Elongated Skull
08:02 Elon Musk
09:09 King Tuts Dagger

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