Top 10 Signs Of Alien Life Found In Fossils

Top 10 Signs Of Alien Life Found In Fossils
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Fossils hold the answers to our past and the history of the Earth, but could they be hiding the secrets of space as well? From a lot of fossils found in meteorites to fossils found underground that are as mysterious as they are exiting, to potential signs of life found in the soil of mars. We’ve got a lot of fossils and a lot of alien stuff to talk about today. What is up welcome back top 10 fam, I am your host today, Olivia Kosolofski and we are going to be diving right in to the Top 10 Mysterious Signs Of Alien Life Found In Fossils.

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00:32 Meteorite ALH84001 | Alien Fossils
01:42 Richard Hoover | Alien Fossils
02:58 Fossil Graveyard | Alien Fossils
03:54 Fossil Monster | Alien Fossils
04:48 Curiosity | Alien Fossils
05:48 Gale Crater | Alien Fossils
07:09 Canadian Fossils | Alien Fossils
08:04 Lava Tubes | Alien Fossils
09:12 Sri Lanka Fossils | Alien Fossils
10:03 Australia Fossils | Alien Fossils

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