Top 10 Signs Of Alien Life Leaked By Anonymous

Top 10 Signs Of Alien Life Leaked By Anonymous
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A few years ago in 2017, the hacktivist group known as Anonymous and one of its members uploaded a 12 and a half minute video explaining that not only did NASA find proof of alien life, but that they were close to sharing those findings with the world. While we have yet to see any kind of announcement from NASA that would suggest this, the video did cover quite a few things that may or may not be signs that could potentially point to the proof of extraterrestrial beings. From some really exciting and real findings, to potential videos of UFO’s and of course all of the murky conspiracies that lay in between, get ready to head to space with Olivia as we dive into the Top 10 Signs Of Alien Life Leaked By Anonymous.

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Time Codes:
0:00 – Intro
0:58 – Exoplanets
2:24 – Dr. Brian O’Leary
3:31 – FBI Documents
4:36 – Esoteric Matters
5:40 – UFO Footage
6:36 – Perseverance
7:52 – UFO Footage Part 2
8:52 – Trappist-1
9:58 – Enceladus
11:17 – Europa
12:30 – Outro

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