Top 8 GALAXY Art Ideas 🌌 for Cells, Planets, Nebulas & MORE ~ Satisfying Fluid Art ~ Acrylic Pouring

WOW! 8 Must-see Acrylic Pour Paintings – Galaxy and Space inspired! Here you can find a lot of acrylic pouring techniques and ideas to try – just what you need if you are a Space Fan as I am 😉 Cosmic cells, mystic planets, far galaxies and beautiful nebulas in this Fluid Art Compilation 🌌 This Abstract Art Demo turned out so Satisfying! I really love it!
I really hope you enjoyed the compilation and now you are all charged with energy and ideas to go and create something amazing.

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More acrylic paintings in the Dancing Universe Art

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RECIPE AND SUPPLIES used for today’s flow art💠
For the exact, paint names, and other supplies & details, check out the description under each full video of this pour painting compilation:

Planet Pour technique (Dancing Universe Series)
Open Cup Galaxy Art
Space Travel 3D Flow (Breaking Through the Limits)
Starburst Cells Effect (controlled Chameleon Cells)
Double Cup Galaxy Pour
Open Cup Nebula
Funnel Ripple Pour Galaxy
Crescent and Full Moon Painting (Dancing Universe Series)

Other Fluid Painting Supplies that I’m using 🎨

Olga Soby is a member of the Amazon Affiliate and receives a small commission on the sales at no extra cost for you.



0:00 Planet Pour Technique
1:29 Open Cup Galaxy Art
2:57 Space Travel Flow with 3D
4:37 Starburst Cells Effect
5:51 Double Cup Galaxy Pour
7:31 Open Cup Nebula
9:00 Funnel Ripple Galaxy
10:28 Crescent and Full Moon Painting

If you are new to acrylic pouring and want to learn more about this abstract art – you are most welcome on my channel


I’m a contemporary artist based in Canada with my roots going back to Ukraine. I specialize in fluid media and consider myself an unconventional artist – instead of regular brushes, I use water, fire, airflow, and gravity as my tools for achieving the most unique effects in my art.
The biggest inspiration for my art is Nature with its endless forms of beauty and harmony in every process, every phenomenon, every creature, and every element of the micro and macro world. And with my art, I attempt to explore and manifest this beauty, leaving room for viewers to find a reflection of what moves and inspires them the most.

On this channel, I provide aspiring artists with tools and knowledge they can use to express their creative gifts and make beautiful art.

Let’s create and grow together! Join the community of Creative Friends 😊🎨
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