Two glowing UFOs over Washoe Valley, Nevada.

Witness description:
“I was eating lunch in our breakfast nook and noticed something shiny in the distance to the north, in the sky. At first I thought helicopter or plane or glider/ultralight (people fly those in this region), but the light did not move. I noticed it looked like actually two circular metallic objects. They were fixed in space, between my location on Aspen Creek and Slide Mountain, southwest of Reno NV. I took my phone and started recording video. I walked to the window to get a closer look and the objects remained in place. Moving closer I could not see any additional detail. I did not notice the pulsating while watching, but it came out on the video. The objects remained in the exact same position for a while so and stopped the recording. About a minute later I looked up again, and they were gone, so I do not know if and how they moved.”

Source Link: mufon
Filmed in Washoe Valley, Nevada.
Many thanks to the author of the original video.

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