Two UFOs over Bridgeport, Connecticut.

Witness description:
“On November 7, 2021 at around 8:45 pm, I was over my uncles house for dinner with my girlfriend and my family and as we were leaving when I was by my car my girlfriend pointed out that there was something in the sky. As I looked up, I saw two glowing lights that were moving from left to right or from west to east. The two lights seem to be flying in unison with one another certain distance apart. As soon as I saw them, I instantly grabbed my phone out of my pocket and I started recording the two lights. The event lasted for around 30-35 seconds in total until they started moving in a different direction gradually until I was not able to see them.
I do not know if they disappeared on their own or if they went behind the clouds since it was a little bit cloudy that night. The lights to not make any sort of sound, and they were no cars around may be a few here and there but the street was fairly quiet. My girlfriend and family also saw this occurrence as well! Some people have said that it might have been planes, but there were no blinking lights coming from those two lights. Other people say that it might have been drones but drones don’t usually fly that high up especially in unison like that”.

Source: mufon
Filmed in Bridgeport, Connecticut. 11/7/2021 8:45 pm.
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