UFO fades away in a red beam of light over Sweden.

Source Link: Morgan Åkesson

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This UFO sighting was filmed in Sweden by Morgan Åkesson.
Detailed description:
“Driving not far from home, I noticed a white “something” in the sky. The first thought was that I saw a crescent moon. But figured it was way too small for that. So then I thought plane.
I drove on for a few minutes and looked up in the sky again.
It was still hanging there.
So I parked the car and started filming it with my S10 Plus Samsung phone. Fully zoomed, hence the awful quality.
I couldn’t see any details anyway. The weird thing was that it just fades away while filming. I reckon it hovered or at least very slowly moved at the same spot for perhaps 5-8 minutes.”

What’s interesting is that this red ray is invisible in the original video and I didn’t add it to this video.
There is a possibility that this is a video editor glitch, but its appearance during the disappearance of a UFO looks strange.

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