UFO Hunting leads to Creepy Mysterious Rock Carvings in Skinwalker Country

UFO hunting overnight in The Uintah Basin – a know hot spot for UFO sightings, paranormal encounters, and home of Blind Frog Ranch and Skinwalker Ranch. After investigating several undisclosed locations, a small team follows clues to ancient petroglyphs depicting creepy mysterious carvings!
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Carl the Crusher is at the UFO Disclosure Symposium with special guests Chris Lehto, Duane Ollinger, Travis Taylor, Avi Loeb, L.A. Marzulli, Jaime Maussan, Chrissy Newton and Micah Hanks of the Debrief, Paul Hynek, Charlie Boy from Blind frog Ranch, and more! After a brief tour of the UFO Disclosure Symposium Carl conducts private UFO investigations an an undisclosed location in the heart of Skinwalker Ranch territory.

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