UFO over Hobbs, New Mexico. 9/6/2021.

Witness description:
“Noticed a large bright white light in NW sky about 7:15 pm while driving north. The sun had just passed horizon so it was still bright in west sky. I thought it may be a plane but noticed it was not moving. When I got home I called my mom out to see it, she stated it was here last night as well. We both used them “sky map” on out phones and the object did not show up. We found Venus. The object appeared slightly larger than what Venus appears in the sky. As the sun went down further and the sky was getting red, the object was also turning red as it seemed to be reflecting off the sun. As the sky grew darker, so did they object until we couldn’t see it anymore. Object did not move, nor could I tell the actual size.”

Source: mufon
Filmed in Hobbs, New Mexico. 9/6/2021 7:15 pm.
Many thanks to the author of the original video.

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