UFO over Phoenix, Arizona.

Witness description:
“Left garage 3 to 4 am Saturday and this would be second time I have seen this UFO. This time I took picture and video.
Let me start by saying this will be the 3rd sighting since March 6 2021 also reported to Mufon. And I’m reporting this one because it would be 2nd time in two weeks that I have seen UFO this time I took a picture and video. First time it followed me approximately 10 to 20 miles staying on my east side as I traveled south with precision as if I was holding a flashlight on a crawling bug on a wall. It hovered and completely silent. Both nights early morning before sunrise. That was first night sighting then what prompted me to make a report was approximately a week or same week. I left garage and there it was again same exact spot in the sky. The first time I have seen it. Looked oval with 2 bright large lights on side and large approximately 300 feet in length between lights. …so this time I said to myself are you kidding me? And to picture and video with my phone … Once again made absolutely no sound at all and hovered. Same spot as approximately few days before same week and early morning before sunrise. But looking at picture I could see 3 lights in a triangle with a dimmer light at point of triangle pointing up and bottom facing me. I noticed it same as before going east down driveway to road to take a right and for it to be on my left one east side with my car facing south .so I stopped took picture and a video. And of course flash went off when I thought I shut it off. I then proceeded to drive off like it was nothing.
It then paces me, but this time took a path east no altitude change no sound slow then was gone.
Then I lost sight of it and haven’t seen it again YET!”

Source: mufon
Filmed in Phoenix, Arizona 5/27/2022 4:01 am.
Many thanks to the author of the original video.

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