UFO skeptic shares explanation for declassified videos ahead of Pentagon report release

A leading UFO skeptic says a highly anticipated government report on unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP) was inconclusive and lacked “detail and rigor.”

Public fascination with unidentified flying objects has been stoked in recent weeks by the forthcoming report, with UFO enthusiasts looking forward to revelations about unexplained sightings many believe the government has sought to discredit or cover up for decades.

According to a scientific researcher, the excitement may be premature because the unclassified report is expected to have a classified annex, the details of which will not be disclosed to the public.

“There may well be evidence of foreign intrusions into our airspace and the way the military is currently dealing with them. But that would be classified. That is secret. That isn’t stuff that the public is going to know about because we don’t want our adversaries to know about it, “said Mick West, an author who has investigated UAP claims and related theories of possible alien life on earth.

West says the term UAP is a broad-ranging term to describe objects in the sky, but cautions against conflating their presence with alien spacecraft.

The report is due to be released towards the end of June, but according to preliminary details reported by the New York Times, U.S. intelligence officials found no evidence that unidentified aerial phenomena observed by Navy aviators in recent years were alien spacecraft, though the sightings remain unexplained.

Many of the 120-plus sightings reviewed in the classified intelligence study from a Pentagon task force were reported by U.S. Navy personnel, while some involved foreign militaries, according to the Times.

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