UFOs over Memphis – Originally Aired July 30, 2015

In May 1977, a Memphis police officer and his partner were stunned to witness what they described as an enormous UFO hovering over power lines near Pine Hill Park in South Memphis. With three other police officers reporting the same mysterious object from separate vantage points, this sighting is one of the most well-documented of the decade. Now retired from the police force, Lamar Todd was a featured speaker at the area’s first World UFO Day Festival, organized July 2, 2015 by the Tennessee and Mississippi chapters of MUFON – Mutual UFO Network. In this hour-long documentary, you’ll meet Lamar Todd, as well as MUFON field investigator Bridgett Sanders, area author James Renford Powell, and international UFOlogist Peter Robbins. We’ll also talk to local experts in history, science, and pop culture for a broader look at the UFO phenomenon.


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