UFOs were filmed over Rio Del Mar Beach, California.

Source Link: Julia Marie Madness
She has more UFO videos on her channel.
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Witness description:
“Ok… this was exciting!!! I was at the beach today and I looked up at the sky as I do periodically, to do a little scan for anything odd… it’s just become part of my life to do that now. And I saw something that I was fairly sure was that strange, silent, white craft cruising slowly across the sky… anyway, I got my phone out, all excited, and tried recording it. I lost it fairly quickly, and I was bummed, but left my phone recording at least a bit longer. Sun was just so bright!
To my delight when reviewing the video there’s multiple white UFOs flying the opposite way from left to right!
Just like in my other video titled “Surprise ufo”, I couldn’t see them at the moment, in person. And I definitely didn’t see any beach goers pointing up at the sky, either. Are these only visible when recorded? Cuz I don’t see how id miss these, or the one from that other video. Yet, I did.”

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