What's the Ultimate Problem for Deep Space Missions – Galactic Cosmic Radiation and SpaceX Starship

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What is The Ultimate Problem for Deep Space Missions? This pursuit of affordable mass to orbit has taken decades but may be finally upon us. The amount of other problems that need solutions before we can commence sustainable crewed missions into deep space is not to be understated though. Over the past few months I’ve been taking a look at as many of these problems as possible to peer into the future a little to see how some solutions may evolve. In this video I’m focussing on the big daddy of ultimate harm, and that’s Galactic Cosmic Radiation! Galactic Cosmic Radiation and SpaceX Starship (or any other vehicle) must protect against this in the long term. This is not your usual electromagnetic radiation. These teeny tiny bits of atomic nuclei traveling through space up to relativistic speeds. Being hit by one of these particles can be problematic. Being bombarded by them is lethal. So get ready to reroute all the power you have through those Dilithium crystals. This one is going to get dicey.

Big thanks to Dennis Chamberland for the help and assistance. If you want to know a LOT more, check out his books here.

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