Who to Follow on the UFO / UAP Topic

UFO’s are hitting the mainstream with a hotly anticipated report due out this month. In this video I’ll share some great content to learn more about this topic and who are the most credible people to follow on social media. I’d love to hear your recommendations too. Subscribe for more!

00:00 – Intro
00:24 – My UFO Sighting
01:55 – Upcoming UAP Report to Congress
02:52 – Background from 60 Minutes & the NYTimes
04:24 – Twitter Accounts to Follow
05:39 – Bryan Bender, George Knapp, Jeremy Corbell and New Footage
08:40 – David Fravor
09:35 – The Phenomenon Movie
11:18 – TV shows
12:47 – Books
16:04 – What’s Next for UFO’s UAPs?
17:44 – Supporter Thank Yous
18:04 – Helping The Channel
18:14 – My Other Channels
18:49 – Conclusion

Twitter Follows: – Lue Elizondo – Christopher Mellon

Background Info : – Original New York Times Story – UFO Story on 60 Minutes – Politico Expose on the UFO / UAP Story – David Fravor Interview – George Knapp’s YouTube Channel – UFO Radar Leaked Video – UFO Splashdown Leaked Video – UFO Pyramind Leaked Video – The Phenomenon Movie – James Corbell’s YouTube – Zimbabwe UFO interview with James Fox

Books (compensated affiliate links): – Leslie Kean’s UFO Book – Avi Loeb’s book on ʻOumuamua – George Knapp’s book on Skinwalker Ranch

TV Shows: – Secret of Skinwalker Ranch on History – Unidentified on History

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