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Rendlesham Forest UFO sighting: Eyewitness Colonel Charles Halt

The full story of the Rendlesham Forest UFO sighting, where two airmen encounter a strange object on a cold December night in 1980. Journalist Ross Coulthart unravels the chilling events that unfolded in Suffolk, England, involving a nuclear base and eyewitness Colonel Charles Halt. Ross ...

Strange UFO was filmed in Pitkovice, Prague, Czechia.

Source Link: Zdenek Vesely He has more UFO videos on his channel. Permissions Granted To Only Real UFOs This UFO sighting was filmed in Pitkovice, Prague, Czechia. 6/29/2020. You can share the link to this video on social media. The Best UFO ...

Ancient Aliens: Unlocking Secret Extraterrestrial Codes

Let's analyze secret alien codes. See more in this compilation from Ancient Aliens. Watch all new episodes of Ancient Aliens, Fridays at 9/8c, and stay up to date on all of your favorite shows on The HISTORY Channel website at #AncientAliens Subscribe for more ...

Navy Pilot Reveals Classified UFO Dogfight Story (With Proof)

✅ For copyright matters, please get in touch with us: For a long time, there have been lots of speculations about the existence of aliens. The numerous sightings of UFOs have also fueled these rumors. And at some point in time, we've all wondered if there is actually ...

Ancient Aliens: The Da Vinci Conspiracy (S4, E8) | Full Episode

Might an examination of Leonardo Da Vinci's masterful paintings, highly technical hand-drawn sketches, and private journals reveal knowledge of otherworldly technology and extraterrestrial beings? See more in Season 4, Episode 8, "The Da Vinci Conspiracy." Watch your favorite episodes of ...

Alien: Romulus | Final Trailer

The final trailer for Alien: Romulus has arrived. Get tickets now and experience it in IMAX. In theaters everywhere August 16. “Alien: Romulus” takes the phenomenally successful “Alien” franchise back to its roots: While scavenging the deep ends of a derelict ...